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Dates of Distinction: February

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

For today's blogpost, one of our wonderful volunteer coordinators, Ellen, is sharing some of the most exciting dates in February!


Hard to believe we are a month into 2021 already! Here are February's Dates of Distinction so let your creativity loose when writing your letters and decorating your cards...


The flowers of the month are Violet & Primrose and the birthstone is Amethyst.


Special dates in the month of February:

February 3 - Carrot Cake Day

February 6 - Pay a Compliment Day

February 8 - Opera Day

February 9 - Pizza Day

February 14 - Valentines Day

February 16 - Almond Day

February 17 - Cabbage Day

February 20 - Love Your Pet Day

February 23 - Banana Bread Day

February 28 - Science Day


Are you in need of more inspiration? Click here to view the full collection of letter writing and decoration inspiration blog posts!

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