Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Apr 17

Welcome volunteers! Thank you so much for donating your time to brighten a senior's day!

We wanted to create a FAQ page for you to reference before you send your letter to ensure it's ready to go!

1. How many letters should I write?

Write as many letters as you want! The more, the better.

2. Who should I address the letter to?

Since we don't know the recipient's name, you can start with something like "dear friend", or even just "hello"!

3. Do letters have to be handwritten?

Please try not type or photocopy any letters. Our seniors really do appreciate receiving hand written letters. If this is a problem for you though, please reach out to us at

4. What should I write about?

Make your letter cheerful and creative! Remember, we are trying to brighten the days of our senior recipients! Stay tuned, another blog post is coming soon with topic ideas!

5. Who can volunteer?

Everyone! You can write a letter or send a card! If you're a younger volunteer, feel free to make a decorated card.

6. Should I decorate my letter?

Yes! Make it bright and exciting! Write a pun or make it a sea of color!

7. What should I not include?

Do NOT include your address, phone number, or anything else that would identify yourself. Also, please do NOT send any gifts.

8. Where should I send my letter(s) to?

Once you are finished with your letter(s), carefully copy the address that we emailed to you that week onto your envelope(s), and mail the letter(s)!

9. Should I post my letters separately or in one envelope?

You can mail your letters in one envelope or separately. If you put them in one envelope, please write that you did that somewhere on the envelope so the nursing home knows and can distribute them.

10. Should I write a return address?

To protect your privacy, we ask that you do not write a return address on your envelope.

11. What should I do after sending my letter(s)? Once you've mailed your letter(s), let us know how many you sent! This is REALLY important as it allows us to work with the senior centers, and allocate volunteers more efficiently.

12. How else can we help?

Get your friends and families involved! This is a project that volunteers of all ages can help out with, and we appreciate every single letter.

Thank you for volunteering, we really appreciate your contribution to helping us fight senior loneliness!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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