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Welcome volunteers! Thank you so much for donating your time to brighten a senior's day!

We wanted to create a FAQ page for you to reference before you send your letter to ensure it's ready to go!

We have also made a welcome video for new volunteers. You can access that below or here. We go over how to get started, inspiration for what to write about, and how to use the spreadsheet.

1. How many letters should I write?

Write as many letters as you want! The more, the better!

2. Who should I address the letter to?

Since we don't know the recipient's name, you can start with something like "dear friend" or even just "hello".

3. Do letters have to be handwritten?

Please try not type or photocopy any letters. Our seniors really do appreciate receiving hand written letters. If this is a problem for you though, please reach out to us at

4. Should I decorate my letter?

Yes! Make it bright and exciting! Write a pun or make it a sea of color! Are you in need of decoration inspiration? Please click here. Don't forget to upload snaps of your creations to our google form.

5. What should I write about?

Make your letter cheerful and creative! Remember, we are trying to brighten the days of our senior recipients. Please click here for the full collection of letter writing & decoration inspiration blogs.

6. What should I not include?

Please do NOT include your address, phone number, or anything else that would identify yourself. Also, please do NOT send any gifts.

7. How do I use the spreadsheet?

Every other week, you'll receive a newsletter from us. In it, you will find the link to the spreadsheet for the following two weeks. Once you have opened the spreadsheet, choose which home(s) you would like to write to (corresponding addresses in the left-most column). Then, input your volunteer ID number (included in the newsletter) into a red cell and press the "enter" key. If you did so successfully, the red cell will turn green! For each cell you input your ID into, you are pledging to write one letter/card to the corresponding address. Please watch this video to that we made which visually explains how to navigate the spreadsheet.

8. The address that I wrote to is already full this two-week period. Can I still write to them?

If all of the cells are claimed for a particular address, we ask that you would kindly choose a different address. The address will still be there on the next spreeadsheet, so you can always write to that address in the future! Please do not replace another volunteer's ID with yours or add a new column/ row to the spreadsheet.

9. I can't remember where I signed up to send my letters to on the spreadsheet.

Please press down the "command" key and the "f" key at the same time. A search bar will drop down in the top-right corner of the screen. Type your volunteer ID number into the searcher, and your sign up's will be highlighted on the sheet.

10. Where should I send my letter(s) to?

Once you are finished with your letter(s)/ card(s), please carefully copy the address which corresponds to your claimed spreadsheet cells onto your envelope(s), and mail them off! For help using the spreadsheet, please see Question 7.

11. Should I post my letters separately or in one envelope?

You can mail your letters in one envelope or separately. If you put them in one envelope, please indicate somewhere on the envelope that it contains multiple letters; that way, the nursing home knows that they should open it up and distribute the contents.

12. Should I write a return address?

To protect your privacy, we ask that you do not write a return address on your envelope. Instead, please write "Letters Against Isolation".

13. What should I do after sending my letter(s)? As long as you've claimed them in the spreadsheet, you are all set! To share what you've created, please upload photos of what you made to our google form.

14. Where should I share my creations?

Please upload photos of what you've made to our google form. We love to see what you've been making/ writing! We might even feature your creations on future blog posts, newsletters, or on social media!

15. What are your social media accounts?

Twitter: @writeToSeniors

Instagram: @lettersAgainstIsolation

Facebook Group: Letters Against Isolation

Youtube: Letters Against Isolation

16. Who can volunteer?

We welcome everyone! We have volunteers who range from toddlers to seniors themselves. You can write a letter or send a card!

17. How else can we help?

Get your friends and families involved! This is a project that volunteers of all ages can help out with, and the seniors really appreciate every single letter.

Thank you for volunteering, we really appreciate your contribution to helping us fight senior loneliness!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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