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Spreadsheet Instructions

Hello volunteers! Please see this blogpost to understand how to navigate the spreadsheet.


Watch the video below for a visual and verbal explanation:


Every two weeks we release a new spreadsheet which you will use to sign up to write cards and letters. We’ll send it out to you in our weekly Sunday newsletter. When you click the link to the sign up spreadsheet, you will reach our home page. It should look like this:

At the top of the spreadsheet you should see the Percentage Written header (percent of requested letters have already been written), and the Letters Still Needed header (how many more letters are needed so that every senior we serve gets a letter). As we get closer to our goals, these boxes will turn from pink to yellow to green. The golden boxes contain useful links for getting help as well as ways to connect with the LAI community. The table in the middle of the page contains a list of the countries we write to, the Percentage Completed header (the percent of cards and letters already written), the Letters Requested header (total number of cards and letters that country needs), and the Letters Still Needed header (the number of letters and cards still needed in that country).


Your next steps will depend on whether you’re using a computer or a tablet/phone. Click the link that applies to you:

  1. I’m using a COMPUTER

  2. I’m using a TABLET or PHONE


Help! I don't have an ID number.

Please check your spam/junk folder as sometimes LAI messages find their way there. If you are certain you have not been assigned a unique volunteer ID number, please email us at: with “ I need an ID number” in the subject line.


Help! I want to write to a specific facility type!

If you'd like to write to a specific facility type (see image below), please check out this blogpost detailing how you can do so using the color-coded categories of the spreadsheet!


Thank you for being a part of our group! You are helping others feel “less alone.”

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