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Spreadsheet Instructions: Computer

Hello volunteers! This blogpost explains how to navigate the spreadsheet from a computer.


Watch the video below to visually and verbally follow the spreadsheet instructions:


Read the instructions below for a written explanation of the spreadsheet:


Step 1: There are two ways to choose how to sign up for cards and letters:

1. By location

  • Click the blue underlined name of the country you want to write to in the table.

2. By language

  • Click the golden cell that says: Write in Alternate Languages.


Step 2: After you click either the location or the language, you should get to a page that looks like this:


Step 3: You will see a list of homes to write to that are organized either by state/province or by language (depending on how you choose to write cards and letters). The homes and facilities are color coded depending on what kind of facility they are. The key is at the top right of the spreadsheet. You can learn more about what each color means HERE. The homes in grey have been filled and do not require any additional cards and letters. You will see how many additional cards and letters each home needs in the Letters Still Needed column. After scrolling through this list of homes and finding one you want to write to, click on the home’s blue underlined name. This should take you to a page that looks like this:


Step 4: Find a blank pink box to the right of the Claimed by (id) grey box. Click on that pink box and type your ID number into it. Hit the Return or Enter key ONCE. The box with your ID number should automatically turn green. If you’d like to write more than one card or letter, click on another blank pink box and type in your ID number again. Each box is your commitment to write one card or letter. If you wish to write additional cards and letters to a different home/facility, then click the Go Back to [COUNTRY NAME] Menu button.


To see how to navigate the spreadsheet from a phone/tablet, click HERE.

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