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Running a group event with LAI is easy as 1,2,3!

Note: If you would like us to help coordinate a large scale group event, would like us to appear at your event or are interested in donating - please email us at


1. Fill out the yellow Group Events form at the bottom of this page!

Once you hit submit, we’ll send you an email with the access information for our online portal.

2. Hold your service event

Write some lovely letters to our seniors and collect them up. If you need inspiration for what to write, click here. We also have made this short video telling our story for you to air at the beginning of your event.

3. Send Your Letters

You can use our online portal to choose where in the world to send your letters. The system is so simple that even ninety year olds can use it. You can watch a quick tutorial here or find written instructions here! Remember, please check the Group Events Button when you make your sign up.

After that you’re done! Thank you for bringing some joy and hope to isolated seniors. Feel free to share pictures of your event with our email address or tag us on social media.

LinkedIn: @Letters Against Isolation

Facebook: @Letters Against Isolation

Twitter: @lettersToSeniors

Instagram: @lettersagainstisolation

Watch the Group Volunteering Video

Who we have worked with?

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