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LAI Portal FAQs

Updated: Oct 10, 2023


1. How do I log in?

You can sign in using your Google, Microsoft, or Apple account. Once you choose an account to log in with, always log in with this account. Doing it this way allows you to keep track of your letters.

NOTE: You won’t need the volunteer ID anymore!

2. What if I don't have an account in any of these social services?

If you do not have an account with one of these services, it is really easy to make a new account using your existing email. You can also choose to get a new email address with any of the these services.

These services also have the instructions / create account feature when you try signing onto the new Signup web app after clicking any of the Login buttons.

3. How do I sign up to write a letter?

We have several written tutorials and videos you can reference here!

4. Is my information secure? Is LAI seeing my password?

Your information is absolutely secure! We cannot see any of your personal data or your password.

5. How do I use filters to choose a specific facility that will meet specific criteria?

On the Search Facilities page, you will see a yellow arrow at the top right of your screen. If the filters are not already open, you can click that arrow to see the filters. Alternatively, you can also click on the FILTER button to see the available filters.

  • To apply a filter, choose the category you are interested in and click on the dropdown menu. Scroll down until you find what you’re searching for and click on the checkbox. Hit the black APPLY button.

  • You can also add additional filters by choosing the relevant value. Click ANY of the APPLY buttons to see the results.

  • You can also type what you are searching for in the search bar at the top of the filter panel.

For example: if you want to write to facilities in WA state in USA, first choose the Country “USA”, then choose the state “WA”, and click any of the APPLY buttons.

Another easy option to search for facilities is the World Map (available in the Menu bar). Simply choose the Country you want to write to and then click on the State where we still need letters. The filters will be automatically be applied on the Search Facilities page.

6. Are there facilities I should prioritize for my signups / pledges?

Yes! In the World Map, you can see which States still have a low pledge number.

Also in Search Facilities, the “NEEDED” button will be highlighted in orange for those facilities that received less than 30% of pledges in the last drive. We request that you prioritize your pledges with these facilities so that every senior we serve gets a card / letter.

7. How do I see my signups after pledging?

You can see your sign-ups on the My Signups Page. It is the rightmost icon on the menu. If you are on your computer, you will be able to find the menu at the top right of your screen. If you are on a phone or tablet, you will be able to find the menu at the bottom right of your screen.

After you pledge for cards / letters at any facility, My Signups will show you the address of the facility to mail your completed letters.

8. Why do I have to track the letters sent?

Tracking your letters helps both of us. For you, it helps you keep track what has gone out, what you’re still working on, and how many letters you should sign up for next cycle. For us, it helps us to understand how many cards / letters facilities should expect, and where we should add more facilities.

Please note that the web application allows you to partially track a pledge too. For example, if you pledged to write 20 letters to a specific facility and you have only written 5 so far, then you can update the signup by clicking the “Update Letters Sent” button under “My Signups” to the value 5.

Please try to send all letters before the deadline so that all our seniors receive their promised letters on time.

9. How do I make a facility a favorite?

On the Search Facilities page, click the “empty” heart icon on the facility you would like to make a favorite, type any notes you have, then press the green update button.

The favorited facility will now show a “filled” red heart in the Search Facilities page.

You can now quickly filter for your favorited facilities and pledge letters for them.

You can “unfavorite” a facility by doing the same. Just click the “filled” red heart and click the DELETE button on the bottom left.

10. How do I delete a signup?

If for any reason you are not able to meet your pledge, please delete it ASAP so that other volunteers can pledge to write cards / letters to that facility.

On the My Signups page, find the signup you want to delete, and press the Update Letters Sent button. After that, simply press the orange Delete Sign Up button on the lower left of the screen.

11. How do I increase or reduce my pledged letter amount for any signup?

During this CURRENT Pledge drive:

  • If you want to INCREASE the number of letters pledged for this signup, simply search for this facility and sign up for more. The new pledge amount will automatically be added here.

  • If you want to DECREASE your pledge amount, you will have to delete this signup, and pledge again with the new number of cards/letters!

Note: You cannot increase or decrease your pledged letters for previous drives!

12. How many letters can I pledge?

You may pledge up to 200 letters. We ask that you only sign up for letters that you think you will be able to write before the deadline!

13. How do I submit feedback?

At the top of the screen, there is a yellow speech bubble icon. Click there to open our feedback form!

14. I’m still lost, what do I do?

We will do our best to answer any questions and walk you through how to use this platform!

If you need technical help, something doesn’t work or you are seeing errors, please email

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