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Rediscovering Letter Writing

During social distancing, it has been wonderful to see that the art of letter writing has been rediscovered! It is uniting our communities and allowing us to spread some joy from our homes.

When we started Letters Against Isolation, we decided that we wanted to send messages to seniors in the US via letters and cards. Some might wonder “Why did you choose handwritten letters over digital communication?”. We’re so used to texting and emailing, and if you’re anything like me, starting a letter is a little daunting! There are endless possibilities of how you can fill a blank page! I think there is something special about letters as each one is unique.


To explain our decision, I have made a list of reasons why I think writing letters is so special.

  1. Letters remind the recipient that someone (like you) cares! It takes time and effort to write a letter. Knowing that you took the time to write puts a smile on the recipient’s face. We have heard from the care homes that we are partners with, and they agree that the letters that you are sending really do make an impact, and spread cheer. 

  2. Letters are heartfelt and personal. You are writing your letters by hand, and putting thought into how you decorate them. It is a labour of love, and you are giving your time to bring a little joy to so many seniors’ lives!

  3. They get your creativity flowing! You can express yourself in whatever way you like! Whether you write a poem about the changing of the seasons, write about a meal you baked, share a funny story, draw a beautiful picture, or write in colorful pens! Check out some more inspiration ideas here.

  4. Letters are physical objects, so the recipients can treasure them. We have heard from some of our partner homes that seniors are hanging letters in their rooms. These letters and cards are permanent reminders that there is someone like you is thinking of them!

  5. Letter writing gives you the time to pause, recall and reflect on your day, You get to share a special part of it with the person who receives your letter.


I will finish the blog with two quotes which I found very impactful and relevant to the current times. It has been amazing to watch the network of volunteers and seniors grow both around the US and around the world! I hope all 541 of our volunteers have a wonderful, safe week!

“Letter writing is an excellent way of slowing down this lunatic helter skelter universe enough to gather one’s thoughts.” - Nick Bantok

“Sending a letter is an excellent way of traveling somewhere else without moving anything but your heart.” (Tales of Count Lucanor, Juan Manuel, Prince of Villena, 1575)


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Comment below what you enjoy about writing letters and cards!


Thank you for spreading joy and helping us fight senior loneliness!


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