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Senior Spotlight: Anne

Updated: May 24, 2020

This week, Saffron and I heard from Anne, a resident at the Neville Center at Fresh Ponds. Anne hasn’t been able to see her friends and family in person for a while. The wonderful staff at the Neville Center helps her reach out to them using Skype, but it isn’t the same.

Anne received her first letter two weeks ago. She said that “it was a surprise, a wonderful surprise” when the recreation staff brought it to her room. The letter featured a lovely painting of some mountains and a tree with a swing. Anne said that “it cheered me up. Especially with the lack of communication during this time, it was nice to hear from someone who was thinking of me”.

Throughout her life, Anne has loved line drawing, so she particularly appreciates her letter writers’ art. She treasures her letters, and says “ I hope to frame them someday and keep them on my dresser so I can look at them every day.”

It is so clear that your letters have made Anne and so many other seniors feel so happy, grateful, and loved. It is a reminder that someone is thinking of them and that someone cares about them enough to take time to write a letter. Thank you so much for your effort to spread warmth and love during these difficult times.

To close, I wanted to share Anne’s message to the volunteers who have written to her.

“Thank you, I loved them”

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