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Senior Spotlight: Donna

This week, I had a lovely conversation with Donna via FaceTime. Donna is a resident of Gadsden Health and Rehab Center.


I would like to thank Hannah, our contact at Gadsden Health and Rehab Center for coordinating this interview! Every week, she sends us an email about how the letters are being received. I've put a snippet below:

"When I walk through the halls, I can spy letters proudly displayed around many of the residents' rooms. Sometimes I'll ask about the stories behind them, and it's easy to sense how deeply personal they are to some residents."

Donna is a very socially active member of the Gadsden Health and Rehab Center community. She told me that the pandemic has caused her to make a lot of adjustments to her daily life since she is no longer able to socialize, see her family, and participate in the activities that she used to. Donna misses going to the meal hall since it was the place she could go to chat with other residents. Due to these changes, Donna has used her creativity to make sure that she is entertained! Donna has even been encouraging other residents to stay active despite being in isolation.

"I really enjoy receiving the letters and hearing about other people and how they are keeping busy and coping with quarantine."

Donna really loves to receive your letters and cards! She has a binder where she keeps special pictures and drawings. Donna has put every letter and card she has received into the binder! Donna tells me that she enjoys looking back at the drawings and uplifting messages you send her.

"Reading the letters reminds me that I'm not alone in this isolation period, and that we are all in this together. It is touching to see that people of all ages care about people in other communities. Overall, it makes me feel uplifted."

Donna asked me to share with you all that she really appreciates receiving your letters. She says that it is a "really beautiful thing that you all are doing" to bring joy to seniors.


Thank you so much for writing. You are having such an impact on the seniors who receive your letters.


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