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Senior Spotlight: My Grandmother

Like many of you, both sets of my grandparents have been socially isolating in their homes since the middle of March. Today, I would like to share a story with you all about my grandma who I call Ba.


A card my grandmother received from her friend, Surjit.


Ba is a very social woman. She goes to the gym every day and loves to socialize with her friends and family! As you can imagine, this period of social isolation has been quite lonely for her. She misses seeing her friends, but luckily, has been able to stay in contact with them though phone calls and messages.

Ba's friends have found a number of creative ways to make sure she knows that they are still thinking of her. One of her friends, Chris, stands outside her apartment, and Ba chats with her from the window!

Another of Ba's friends, Surjit, sent Ba a beautiful card. Inside the card, she also congratulated Ba for not breaking "lockdown" and for staying healthy for both herself, and for the general population. She also included the following quote from a book about happiness:

Raise the vibration of your day by wearing something bright and colorful

Surjit also drew a colorful rainbow to brighten Ba's day. Surjit's kind gesture worked. Ba sent us a photo of the card, and she was so excited! As we all know, there is something extra special about opening a letter. Even through Surjit couldn't be there in person, Ba knew that her friend cared deeply about her. Ba said:

I felt overjoyed and so happy to read a handwritten card.

After seeing the huge positive impact that this card made on Ba, Shreya and I put our thinking hats on. We wanted to find a way to share this excitement and happiness that Ba experienced with other seniors who are also socially isolating. That is how Letters Against Isolation was born!


I will close this blogpost with a saying of my grandfather:

Be happy, stay lucky.

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Comment below what you enjoy about writing letters and cards.


Thank you for spreading joy and helping us fight senior loneliness!


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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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2 comentarios

William Smith
William Smith
22 sept 2022

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Grace Dawn
Grace Dawn
18 may 2020

As a fellow student I am inspired by you guys taking action! I enjoy writing letters because they have more of a personal touch than emails or texts.

Me gusta
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