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Facility Categories: What They Mean

Hello volunteers! We have refreshed our guide to what each facility category means on the sign-up portal.  


Click through the list to see a description of the category, the type of seniors typically residing in each facility and hints about the types of correspondence which will be most appreciated.

General Tips

  • Letters should be at least five sentences long and include a personal anecdote or story

  • Each letter should be unique, as the seniors like to “share and compare” their letters

  • Please use sturdy paper, cardstock or notecards, not flimsy notebook paper or index cards

  • Dark ink on light paper is optimal for ALL seniors

  • Include a favorite quote or silly joke in addition to your personal message

  • Add colorful doodles or stickers for extra eye appeal

  • As LAI is all-inclusive, please do not reference politics, religion or scripture

PRO TIP: Write your letters first, before creating pledges in the portal! Kindly ensure that you have enough supplies, postage and time to meet the mailing date of each portal cycle

Assisted Living

Nursing Home

Memory Care

Senior Center/Program

Meals on Wheels


Special Birthdays


Are you wondering how to access these categories on the portal? Click through this slideshow for step by step instructions!

  1. Click the “Search Facilities” tab which the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

  2. Click “More Filters: which is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  3. Check the “Category” box in the drop down menu.

  4. Click the “-Select-” button that appears under “Category”

  5. Click the facility type you want to filter by.

  6. Press ”Apply” in the black box in the bottom right corner of the screen.


If you ever are wondering what the categories mean again in the future, you can easily get back to this blogpost! Just click the blue text that describes the category type in any of the facility cards, and it will redirect you here!


Please understand that some facilities offer a continuum of care and we've done our best assigning each to a category.


THANK YOU to each and every one of our volunteers!...YOU are making a difference EVERY DAY!

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juanita salazar
juanita salazar
3월 03일

As a retired Activity Director I understand that isolation for the elderly is a huge concern. It's been my pleasure to provide letters, cards, trivia for a towm in Southeastern Colorado. I'll keep writing for a long time. It's been a blessing to be able to make someone's day.


Gracias por darme un espacio para


Can't wait to do this with my granddaughter!


Carol King
Carol King
2020년 12월 09일

Really nice!

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