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Dates of Distinction - International Edition

Hello everyone!

This week on the blog, our terrific Volunteer Coordinator, Ellen, has put together an international edition for our Dates of Distinction series!

Thank you so much, Ellen!


For those volunteers who enjoy writing to seniors who don’t reside in the US, here are a few notable holidays.  Note that some holidays are specific to certain regions/territories.

Please check the date on which each of these occur, as most vary from year to year.


  • Family Day

  • Heritage Day

  • St. George’s Day

  • National Patriots Day

  • Victoria Day

  • Canada Day

  • Truth & Reconciliation Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Remembrance Day


  • St. Davids Day (Wales)

  • St. Georges Day (England)

  • Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Night

  • Remembrance Day  

  • St. Andrews Day (Scotland)      


  • Australia Day

  • ANZAC Day

  • Labour Day

  • Reconciliation Day

  • Queen’s Birthday

  • King’s Birthday

  • Picnic Day

  • Mabo Day

  • NAIDOC Week

  • National Flag Day

  • Remembrance Day


 As always...HAPPY WRITING!


Are you in need of more inspiration? Click here to view the full collection of letter-writing and decoration-inspiration blog posts! 

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