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Letter Writing & Decoration Inspiration #3

Yesterday, Shreya and I hosted a virtual Letters Against Isolation Zoom party for our volunteers. We had so much fun chatting with the guests, making word collages, and sharing inspiration about what they write about and how they decorated their cards.


During our Zoom party, we asked each guest to hold up one word that describes how they feel when they write cards to seniors.


For ideas about what to write about take a look here:

  1. One of our volunteers, Bill, checks to see if he has visited the state where the care home is located. If he has, he will write about his travels in that state!

  2. Another of our volunteers, Julia, includes a logic puzzle (and the solution) in her letters. What a wonderful way to keep the senior's mind active and give them something to solve when they need something to fill their time!

  3. Ellen suggested that you tell them about a movie that they have watched. If it is a Hollywood classic, they might have watched it too!

  4. Olivia prints out inspirational quotes and colors them in. That way the senior has something colorful to display in their room that motivates them to keep being awesome!

  5. Shreya has a collection of postcards that she purchased when she took a trip with our grandma earlier this year. She writes to the senior about the monument on the postcard and tells them about the lovely time she had traveling. She also asks the senior if they have travelled anywhere in hopes that they will recall fond memories!


And now for some decoration inspiration! I love looking at all of the amazing creations that you all make!

Now, if you aren't the most artistic person, don't worry! I have compiled a list of little things you can do to add a little decoration to your letters and cards.

  1. One of our volunteers, Jeff decorates his letters, cards, and envelopes with stickers. He has some very cool cat stickers which I am sure will make the seniors smile!

  2. If you are writing a letter, you can write each paragraph in a different color to make it bright and cheery.

  3. Write on a colorful piece of paper to add a pop of color to the senior's room when they display your mail!

  4. Use markers to draw simple shapes like hearts and stars in lots of different colors.

  5. If you have a collection of postcards, you can write your letters on them. That way, seniors can see a beautiful photo along with your message!

Thank you to Hannah, Andi, Deb, Jessica, Kaitlyn, Allison, Sydney, and Sarah for sending us photos of your creations!

Submit YOUR photos on our google form for the chance to be featured!


Are you in need of more inspiration? Click here to view the full collection of letter writing and decoration inspiration blog posts!


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Comment below what you have been writing about and how you have decorated your letters and cards!


Thank you for spreading joy and helping us fight senior loneliness!


Please share our website and Instagram with friends and family! We are always looking for new volunteers!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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1 Comment

Todd Thompson
Todd Thompson
Jun 25, 2020

Very nice to see people re-discovering the beauty of correspondence and the written word. Definitely gives me hope and inspiration during this crazy time.

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