Letter Writing & Decoration Inspiration #9 - Valentines Day

Happy Sunday! During the month of February, there are a number of fun dates! Among them is Valentines Day!

For the full list of Dates of Distinction in the Month of February, see here.

This Valentines Day, lets remind the seniors that they are loved with some special letters and cards!

For some inspiration about how to decorate your Valentines letters and cards, see below:

Scroll through the slideshow below for some inspiration!

  1. Mary Beth used vibrant colored paper to cut out hearts.

  2. Meg used pink, purple, and red buttons to decorate heart shaped cards. She also cut up a lace doily into a heart!

  3. Jananie stamped her cards with colorful hearts to spread her love!

  4. Colleen included a heart shaped coloring in sheet in each of her cards. She also stuck foam hearts to her cards.

  5. Cynthia used glittery letter stickers to write uplifting slogans on her cards.

  6. Susan decorated her cards with washi tape and heart stickers.

  7. Kristine and her daughter decorated their cards with hearts and bright colors.

  8. Anahi bedazzled her cards with heart-shaped gemstone stickers!

  9. Kathleen decorated her cards with candy hearts!

  10. Tiffany decorated her cards with lace hearts.

  11. I used red tissue paper to make hearts on my cards.

  12. At our last Zoom party, we made origami heart cards! To see the tutorial, click here.

For some inspiration about what to write in your lett