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So We’re Becoming a Non-Profit - What do you need to know?

What does being a non-profit mean?

Letters Against Isolation is now a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation! This means that we are now a legal tax-exempt entity working toward the public good. We are able to fundraise and your donations will be tax-deductible!

Why did we decide to become a non-profit?

We decided to become a nonprofit for a couple of reasons. One was to raise money; until now ​​all expenses incurred running Letters Against Isolation have been paid personally by our family. Becoming a non-profit makes it possible for corporations who run volunteer events with us to donate to LAI! We also chose to become a non-profit for some legal protection and longevity. Letters Against Isolation has grown into something far greater than any of us could have predicted and we want to make sure it can continue doing great work far into the future.

What changes should you expect?

For the most part, not much will change! We’re still writing to isolated seniors, and you will still receive your newsletter each Sunday with your ID and spreadsheet.

The way we organize LAI’s leadership team is changing. The biggest revision is that we now have a Board of Directors! The Board will help us look at LAI on a different level, plan for the future and direct our resources. We will also be introducing Volunteer Committees - small teams which will help us with specific tasks that LAI needs completed to run smoothly. Our two volunteer coordinators, Ellen and Alissa, will continue to answer your emails and will also oversee the committees and communicate their progress to the board!

Because of the changes to leadership and our ability to fundraise, you will likely notice some updates to the website too!

Who are our board members?

Cofounders, Shreya & Saffron Patel

Volunteer Coordinator and Former Geriatric Occupational Therapist, Ellen Rabinowitz

Experienced NonProfit Outreach & Relationship Manager, Leslie Zales

Treasurer, Casey Vorhies

As our organization grows, it is likely we will add members to the board. We’ll keep you up to date as we do!

How can you support us?

You can donate to Letters Against Isolation via the donate tab on our website or by clicking here. We’re working on getting a PO Box for those of you who would prefer to send a check. If you’d like to know some of the ways in which your donations will be used, check out our donations page.

Since we can operate as a tax exempt organization - your donations are tax deductible!

Alternatively, if you want to rock some Letters Against Isolation swag - check out our merchandise store! All profits go directly to our organization to further our mission and help us expand!


Do you have any questions? - email us at

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Mark Leader
Mark Leader
26 de set. de 2022

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