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Volunteer Spotlight: Karen

Hello amazing volunteers! Today on the blog, Karen, a Letters Against Isolation volunteer, is sharing her story. Karen joined LAI in June of 2020, and in her blog post, she shares how nature inspires the letters and cards she writes to the seniors.


Dear Letters Against Isolation,

I joined LAI when the pandemic hit our country after I watched an interview with Shreya and Saffron on the news. I was inspired by the idea I could make a difference in people’s lives using my love of writing and photography. I like to write letters to facilities all over the country in which I research details about the town to bring up in my letters. I also use my photos to tell a story. I love to photograph nature, birds, the ocean, trees, the moon, sunsets. I talk about the beauty of nature and provide hopeful quotes under my photos. I also tell funny stories about the antics in my backyard. We have a red squirrel and many chipmunks that have kept me smiling in the spring, summer and fall. During this past winter, I often sat in a chair outside in the snow and watched the chickadees, titmouse and downy woodpeckers attend my bird feeders. Nature has kept me calm during the stress of COVID. I like to think my letters bring the same peace that I experience in nature to those who are alone and in need of kindness and love.

Karen Blakeley


Thank you Karen for sharing your story with the LAI community!

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