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Volunteer Spotlight: Miranda

Welcome back to the blog!

This week on the blog, we are spotlighting Miranda, a Letters Against Isolation volunteer!

Miranda is from Northern Utah and has been an LAI volunteer since January 2022. Now, in her third year of volunteering, she has sent our seniors over 2,800 letters and cards!

Miranda has had a passion for making cards for over 20 years! So, when she searched for ways to volunteer from home, she learned about LAI and thought it would be the perfect way to use her love of cardmaking to positively impact others! Miranda "loves being able to, hopefully, put a smile on someone's face."

In this blog post, Miranda will share how she makes her creative "shaker" cards, which she has been sharing with the Facebook LAI community before mailing them off to our seniors. Miranda learned how to make "shaker" cards as she wanted to learn a new cardmaking technique, and she got hooked. She thinks they are "so fun and a bit different than normal cards." I can imagine the joy on our seniors' faces when they receive these unique and interactive cards!


Shaker Card Instructions:

Step 1: Pick a die that has a good amount of negative/blank space. A specific shaker card die isn’t needed!

*Shown here are a shaker die, two nesting dies, and a cover plate die.

Step 2: Cut out your dies and then back them with clear acetate. Trim any excess with a craft knife. Make sure you’ve securely glued down your acetate!

*I buy 12.x12 sheets of acetate from Amazon

Step 3: After trimming the excess acetate, line the edges with foam tape. Why foam? You need a little bit of space for your shaker bits to actually shake.

*I buy large foam tape rolls from Amazon in different widths.

Step 4: Add your shaker bits! I make a lot of shaker cards so I buy sequins and glass beads in bulk (from Amazon). Local craft stores, as well as online, will have an amazing array of choices!

Step 5: Remove the backing from your foam tape and add cardstock or patterned paper to the back. Make sure you have sealed the edges well before turning it over and giving it a shake!

Step 6: Trim the excess backing paper with your craft knife and you’re ready to add your shaker to your card!


Thank you, Miranda, for sharing your story with the LAI community!

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