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Volunteer Spotlight: Sue

Hello wonderful volunteers! This week on the blog, we hear from Sue, a Letters Against Isolation volunteer. She shares a little bit about herself, how she heard about LAI, and how she decorates her cards. I hope her tips will inspire you!


Hello, I’m Sue from Massachusetts. We’ve got hot summers, colorful autumns, often harsh winters and unpredictable spring seasons. Being from New England, I’d say the weather alone has prepared me to be ready for just about anything!

Sue, a LAI volunteer from Massachusetts

Some of the things I treasure most in life include spending time with my family, who I am very close to, as well as with my wonderful husband of 13 years. Documentary films, non fiction books, painting, drawing, and sunny vacations are high up on the list of stuff I love!


I learned about Letters Against Isolation on the evening news. Since I love being artistic, making hand-drawn cards to be a bright spot in a stranger’s day really caught me. I have been involved with LAI since June of this year. The world we’re experiencing right now is a very taxing one; hope and connection are the keys to getting through the difficult moments together.

Loneliness felt by those individuals in nursing homes and assisted living/care facilities is something that needs to be wiped out, and a personal message of love and light can help do just that.


The cards I make are inspired by my interests or where I come from. Since I’m a Massachusetts native, I thought it would be cool to send “a little bit of Boston” to someone across the country. It’s exciting to seal the envelopes, put the stamps on and send them off. I imagine the details of the person who might receive one: their facial expression, what their name might be or how old they are. I also imagine that person opening it up and enjoying something handmade in Boston created just for them.


Thank you Sue for sharing your story with the LAI community!

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1 Comment

What a well written, wonderful read! I'm sure the hand-drawn cards will delight recipients!! Thanks for sharing, Sue.

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