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Dates of Distinction: December

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Today on the blog, I will be sharing some fun days in the month of December that you are welcome to include in your letters and cards!

Thank you to our volunteer Susan for creating these beautiful winter themed cards!
Thank you to our volunteer Susan for creating these beautiful winter themed cards!

We kindly ask that during the holiday season, you write non-denominational letters and cards to the seniors. We suggest a winter time, or simply wishing the seniors a "happy holidays", "season's greetings", or a "happy new year". We want to ensure that your letters and cards are promoting happy and inclusive feelings!

You may be wondering what are some ideas that you can write about. This blogpost is filled with ideas!


To help you create your letters and cards for the upcoming month of December, here are a few non-denominational special dates that are coming up:

Dec 1 – Giving Tuesday Here at Letters Against Isolation, you give your love and kindness to the seniors every time that you mail a letter or card to the seniors we serve! Thank you for delivering countless smiles!

Dec 1 – Eat a Red Apple Day Enjoy one of the most popular fruits on this day!

Dec 7 – Letter Writing Day How could we not mention this date given what we do at Letters Against Isolation!

Dec 11 – Mountain Day Mountains and snow are both things that are commonly associated with the winter season. Ask the senior if they have ever visited a mountain or hiked up one. If they look out their window, can they see a mountain? Does it have snow on it’s peaks?

Dec 12 – Gingerbread House Day Creating gingerbread houses every winter season is a favorite pastime of many families. Ask the senior if they have any fond memories of decorating a gingerbread house with their loved ones.

Dec 13 – Violin Day Being the third most popular instrument in the world, it doesn’t come as a surprise that violins have a day dedicated to them! There are many beautiful classical music songs with violin soloists. Perhaps the senior has a favorite tune with a violin solo. You could even ask the senior if they know how to play a musical instrument.

Dec 14 – UK Postal Appreciation Day With our postal workers working hard to ensure that our letters and cards will arrive to the seniors in time for the winter season and new year, it is important to thank the mailwomen and men where we live!

Dec 18 – Bake Cookies Day (Many different kinds because variety is the spice of life! Of course, the best part is consuming what you bake – or seeing the smiles on the faces of those with whom you share!!)

Dec 20 – Games Day Since 1975, people around the world have celebrated Games Day. Do you have a favorite game that you enjoy playing? Share it with the senior and ask if they’ve played it before. You could even ask if they have a favorite game to play. Playing games is a wonderful way to pass time when many seniors are isolated to their rooms.

Dec 26 – Thank You Month After a very unexpected year, it is always worth reflecting on what we are grateful for. Share with the senior what you are thankful for and ask them to reflect what they are thankful for. Encourage them to thank someone who they are grateful for.

Dec 31 - Jan 1 – New Year's Eve & New Year's Day Wish the senior a happy New Year! Did you make any New Year's resolutions? Ask them if they made any. Share with them how you celebrated the new year this year.


Have fun writing and the team at Letters Against Isolation is wishing you a happy holidays and a happy New Year!


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