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Letter Writing & Decoration Inspiration #6

It has been another wonderful week at Letters Against Isolation. This week, we achieved a milestone... our volunteer community now spans all 50 US states! It is incredible that the fight against senior loneliness has spread nationwide. I am amazed by the number of caring individuals, like yourself, who have joined the LAI community. Thank you for all of your continued support. Without each and every one of you, this amazing milestone would not have been possible.

This week, we smashed our record and wrote a total of 3,731 letters and cards! That's 3,731 seniors that we will bring a little joy to. To help us reach our goal of sending 3,500 letters and cards next week, I thought I'd write another blogpost to help get your creative juices flowing!


Pictured: Our volunteers writing and decorating their messages to the seniors in the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt segment on LAI.


Are you unsure what to write about? Take a look here:

  1. Cindy has lots of joyful stickers that she puts on her cards. She likes to write inspiring quotes that match the stickers. On a card with a sunflower sticker she wrote, "Like a sunflower, stand tall and find the sunlight".

  2. Nari talks about her pen-pal friends. She shares with the senior why she loves receiving handwritten letters. Comment below what you think is special about receiving a handwritten letter or a handmade card!

  3. Nari also writes about her cats. Do you have any pets? All the activities directors tell us that their seniors love to hear about your furry friends! Jamie likes to include photos of her dog to make the seniors smile.

  4. Naomi writes about her trips to the farmers' markets to buy her fruits and vegetables. She shares with the seniors what she cooked and how it tasted!

  5. Colleen tells the seniors what new skills she's learned whilst staying at home. She's been making soaps, candles, wind chimes, and more!


Now, I'll share some decoration inspiration! If you are not an artistic person, read this blog post I wrote for specifically you. I've written lots of tips that will help you add color to your letters and cards!

  1. Sierra uses magazine cuttings to make envelopes. She also writes inspirational quotes on them with shiny markers.

  2. Naomi draws the fruits that she buys from the farmers market on her cards.

  3. Pamela ties bows and sticks fabric flowers and jewels on her cards. She also includes some inspirational puns like "stay paw-sitive"!

  4. Colleen uses cute stickers and inspirational quote cut-outs on her cards. She also uses glittery 3D stickers to write messages like "be yourself" and "life is beautiful".

  5. Inspired by the 4th of July fireworks, Aleila created an explosion of red, white, and blue on her letters!

Thank you to Naomi, Sierra, Colleen, Cindy, Hadley, Aleila, Jaime, Nari, and Pamela for sending us pictures of your letters and cards!

Submit YOUR photos on our google form for the chance to be featured!


Are you in need of more inspiration? Click here to view the full collection of letter writing and decoration inspiration blog posts!


If you liked this post, give it a LIKE and I will write more of these!

Thank you for spreading joy and helping us fight senior loneliness!

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