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Letter Writing & Decoration Inspiration #7

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

We've had another great week at Letters Against Isolation! We've welcomed 185 new volunteers to our community and partnered with 15 new care-homes! That's 477 more seniors that we will be bringing joy to!

I thought I would write a letter writing and decoration inspiration blog post to help get your creativity flowing. Let's try and serve all of the seniors in our LAI community this week!


As of last week, the Letters Against Isolation community spans all 50 US states! It is truly amazing to see that the effort to end senior loneliness has spanned nationwide. This video is a celebration of us reaching that goal!


Are you unsure what to write about? Take a look here:

  1. Catherine writes about the summer adventures that her family has gone on. She accompanies her stories of apple picking and vegetable growing with pictures that match the activities.

  2. Gail sends word searches with her letters. What a lovely surprise that will help keep the seniors busy! I recently sent my younger cousin a letter. Since he is a big fan of whales, I created an ocean-themed word search for him to complete!

  3. Ava makes lists with her beautiful handwriting. One of which was titled "which activities make you happy?". She made two columns. In one column, she wrote five things that make her happy. In the other column, she made five blank spots for the senior to fill in! What a great way to make your letters and cards interactive!

  4. Angela was inspired by "Here Comes the Sun", a song by The Beetles that she loves. What a great way to remind the seniors that we will get through this pandemic together! Have you shared your favorite song in one of your letters/cards? Comment it down below!

  5. Mary Anne and her family have been writing one card a day since the beginning of lockdown. Their goal was to make something creative that would help them remember this unusual period of time. After hearing about Letters Against isolation, they started sending their cards to seniors we serve to make them smile!


Now for some decoration inspiration! Don't worry if you are not an artistic person! I wrote this blogpost specifically you. It's filled with tips to help you add color to your letters and cards!

  1. Faria uses glitter. It's a great way to add some glamour to your card! Please make sure that the glitter is securely fastened to the paper to prevent any potential hazards.

  2. Pamela used washi tape on her cards! Washi tape comes in endless colors, textures, and shapes. It's a lovely way to make your card pop.

  3. Gail sticks scrapbook paper on blank cards. The result is a beautiful and colorful card!

  4. Macie drew a series of cats in hats on her cards! I know the seniors will absolutely love adorable cat drawings!

  5. Andrea sticks scratch-and-sniff stickers on her letters! She also uses metallic markers to draw a lovely border around her writing.

Thank you to Macie, Pamela, Faria, Ava, Angela, Kate, Andrea, and Gail for sending us pictures of your letters and cards!

Submit YOUR photos to our google form for the chance to be featured!


Are you in need of more inspiration? Click here to view the full collection of letter writing and decoration inspiration blog posts!


If you liked this post, give it a LIKE and I will write more of these!

Thank you for spreading joy and helping us fight senior loneliness!

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D. K.
D. K.
Jun 11

Beautiful :) I am so in love with hand-writing and DIY cards! positive words that start with the letter s


It's awesome to be part of so many amazing lives. I work mentoring others.


Benjamin Solorzano
Benjamin Solorzano
Jul 20, 2020
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