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Letter Writing & Decoration Inspiration #8

Happy Sunday! Welcome to the 186 volunteers who joined LAI this week. Together we wrote an astonishing 3,210 letters and cards over the course of the week! That is over 3,000 seniors from all over the US who we will be bringing joy to!


This week, we had our third Zoom party! We had a wonderful time playing a Kahoot filled with fun facts about LAI and letter writing. We also exchanged advice about what to write about and how to decorate letters and cards. You can find plenty of those tips in this blog post! To commemorate our milestone of having volunteers from all 50 states, we took photo where everyone held up their state of residence! The photo shows the diverse geography of our volunteers.


If you are looking for some ideas about what to write about, look here:

  1. Michele is inspired by funny quotes and reasons to smile. She shares with the seniors plenty of happy thoughts like "Be a Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios".

  2. Lena creates word puzzles whose solutions are inspirational quotes! Not only does this provide the seniors with an activity to do, but it also uplifts and motivates them!

  3. Kristal is inspired by the power of positive thinking. She fills her cards with things that bring “happy thoughts” and help combat loneliness.

  4. Patrick cuts out inspirational words from magazines and sticks them onto his letters. He even wrote an advice in the perspective of a butterfly! His letters are filled with uplifting and thoughtful words which I know the seniors will treasure.

  5. Julie is a nanny to four kids, and they write letters together. One week, they all talked about what it is that makes them happy, and what they do to take their minds off of negative subjects. Julie found it to be a therapeutic and productive conversation for all ages to engage in!


Look here for some decoration inspiration: Don't worry if you are not an artistic person! I wrote this blogpost specifically you. It's filled with tips to help you add color to your letters and cards!

  1. Ava had creates aesthetically pleasing cards by choosing a color theme for each letter. She then uses paper, pens, stickers, and washi tape in that color to create her letters. She also has beautiful handwriting! This is also great way to add vibrance to your letters and cards if you aren't super artistic.

  2. Michele loves animals so she draws clip-art like animals all over her cards!

  3. Abby is from Texas so she drew sketches of cacti on her cards so that the seniors got an idea of where she is from! She also wrote some great cacti puns!

  4. Kate wanted to make her cards an explosion on joy! She used vibrant markers, colorful stickers, cute drawings, and hilarious puns.

  5. Margie is putting to use her collection of stamps to decorate her cards and their envelopes!

Thank you to Patrick, Abby, Kate, Ava, Andrew, Tiffany, Vivian, and Michele for sending us pictures of your letters and cards!

Submit YOUR photos to our google form for the chance to be featured!


Are you in need of more inspiration? Click here to view the full collection of letter writing and decoration inspiration blog posts!


If you liked this post, give it a LIKE and I will write more of these!

Thank you for spreading joy and helping us fight senior loneliness!

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Haha! It is looking like a nice game to spread positivity among people. In the pandemic season, we really should conduct such activities on zoom to make people feel better and you can imagine that how we were feeling during the locked-in houses in the pandemic season.

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