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LAI Portal Instructions - Mobile

Updated: May 24, 2022

Signing up to write and send letters is easy! If you're using a mobile device (tablet/smartphone) follow these simple steps.

For desktop instructions, click here!

To watch a video tutorial, click here!

1. Tap on one of the following boxes:

  • Sign in with Google

    • If you have a Gmail email or an Android phone

    • Sign In with Apple

  • If you have an Apple ID as you are using an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Macbook).

  • Sign in with Microsoft if you:

  • have a Microsoft ID

  • are using a Windows PC

  • an email account with or

  • Office365 services from school or work

  • Continue with Facebook

  • If you have a Facebook account.

Note: Once you decide which account to sign in - always use the same account. If you don’t, you won’t be able to keep track of your letters.

If you do not have an account with any of these services, it is very easy to create one using your preferred email address. Tap the button of your preferred service and follow the instructions to create a new account. Please choose the same email address that you used when registering as a volunteer for LAI.

2. Tap Search Facilities at the bottom of ANY page OR tap the banner “click here to sign up for letters” with the jiggling clipboard on the opening Statistics page.

3. Choose a facility that needs letters. On the right side of the screen, you may narrow your search by tapping on any number of filters like location, language, etc. You can even search for a particular facility! Once you have found a facility you'd like to write to, tap on the box that reads:

Needed: XXX

4. Tap on the box that reads:

Number of letters to Pledge

5. Type the number of cards/letters you wish to send for this cycle.

6. Tap on the box that reads:

Confirm Signup

7. Tap on the box that reads: View your signups.

Note: You can also navigate to this page using the Menu Bar at the bottom of the screen by tapping on My Signups.

8. When you are ready, copy the address of the facility onto your envelopes or package. You may put more than one letter in an envelope, but if you do, please write how many letters are inside so a member of staff at the facility knows how to distribute them.

9. When your cards/letters are ready to be mailed, tap on the box that reads:

Update Letters Sent

10. Type in the number of cards/letters that you sent.

11. Tap on the box that reads: Update.

Wait for the box that reads: Thank you for sending those letters!

Congratulations! You’re done!

Thank you for helping seniors feel less alone!

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